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13 Jun, 2012

New “No Sweat” Design Allows Commuters To Run, Bike or Walk to Work


Manchester, MA (PRWEB) June 12, 2012 – For people that would love to ride a bike or run to work but can’t find a place to shower, change, or secure their gear and get ready for the work day, there is a solution! GreenSpace has pioneered a project that promises to revolutionize the workday commute. The Alternative Transportation Center (ATC) is a building that is designed to act as a hub for people who use alternative transportation in their daily commute.

For employees, this Alternative Transportation Center provides a fast, convenient way to transition from exercise equipment and clothing to appropriate business attire before arriving at the office. Even people that cannot bike to work can take advantage of the facility for a lunch-time or after-work jog.

The building itself is a cool, super-green design. It is built green from the ground up. It is constructed in a high efficiency, low-waste factory setting so construction is fast, and minimally impacts the busy site. It is equipped with solar power, solar hot water, super insulation, high efficiency windows and doors, and is LEED certifiable to send a consistent message about a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The benefits to having an Alternative Transportation Center near offices are numerous. Many organizations have made a commitment to environmental sustainability, but have a hard time finding areas to focus their efforts. The LEED system of rating buildings is a measure of how green and sustainable the structure is.

The ATC by GreenSapce Buildings helps companies achieve LEED credits by encouraging alternative, low impact ways of getting to work. Combine that with the inherent green features of this unit and a facility can accumulate additional LEED credits toward getting their facility LEED certified. Providing a space that allows employees to easily transition from biking or running to being fresh and dressed for work is a bold way to prove commitment to both environmental consciousness as well as to the people occupying an office.

There are many incentives for employers to encourage their employees to find alternative transportation to and from work. A healthier, more awake employee means fewer sick days and higher employee retainage. Several companies, large and small, offer financial incentives to their employees that bike or run to work to encourage this healthy and environmentally friendly habit.

An Alternative Transportation Center by GreenSpace Buildings features showers, bathrooms, changing rooms and lockers for clothing and equipment. It is an efficient structure that is environmentally friendly. It meets the demands of providing enough space to shower and change but does so in a small footprint, so it can be placed nearby the office entrance. Its water and energy saving technologies provide enough performance to do the job, without wasting our resources.

GreenSpace is a leader in green building technology and construction. The company has a commitment to helping companies (and people) achieve their goal of comfortable but responsible green living. They employ the latest in prefabricated and modular building techniques along with equipment that incorporates state of the art green technology.