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23 Apr, 2012

Law Firm Suggests Anti-Terrorism Style Measures to Curb U.S. School Shooting Rampages


Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 18, 2012 – Although the United States has been able to curb terrorist attacks on its soil by following draconian security measures in the aftermath of 9/11, it is ironic that it is still unable to curb shooting attacks in its schools, colleges, offices and other public places. Now a law firm which represents victims’ families is suggesting that equivalent security measures be applied to curb such violence. The following is the text of a Press release on the matter issued by PRWeb on behalf of the law firm Gerson and Schwartz, PA:

Despite rhetoric that school shootings are not increasing over time, parents, children, school employees, and even lawyers still perceive these horrifying incidents as preventable and to be an urgent problem. The level of chaos surrounding a school shooting is a major security issue for everyone, according to experts at Gerson and Schwartz, PA, who agree that safety measures including metal detectors, attention to social media, police involvement, and school staff training must be increased to prevent these deadly rampages.

Recently, seven individuals were shot dead at Oikos University, after a former student, One Goh, senselessly and viciously murdered them at this nursing school in Oakland, California, last week. According to the Huffingtonpost, the criminal charges include seven counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, special circumstances charges of robbery, car jacking, kidnapping, and multiple murder. According to Oakland Police Department, Goh intended to shoot a female administrator who denied him a full refund for his tuition payment, after he withdrew from the nursing program last fall.

Prior to this incident, another school shooting took place at Chardon High School located in Ohio, where four students were hospitalized for gun shot wounds, and one student actually died. At the deadly hands of a student holding a gun, T.J. Lane who is from a nearby high school, shot these children from close range, while they were sitting at a nearby table. Lane never uttered a word the entire time.

However, “If the school or the police had monitored social media like Facebook carefully, this incident might have been prevented,” said Nicholas Gerson, Gerson and Schwartz, PA. The shooter actually posted a short poetic comment on December 31st, which concluded with “Die, all of You Die”. Although these events are somewhat unpredictable, “we should and could be making better use of the necessary tools that are available to us, in order to protect our students better”, said Gerson, the Miami Crime Victim Lawyer.

Crime victim lawyers at law firms like Gerson and Schwartz, PA, as well as other crime victim advocate groups and agencies believe that by monitoring social media more closely, lives could be saved. Warning signs are detectible. Our schools need to pay more attention to them.

“We need an increased emphasis on safety measures at school”, said Gerson. Those who have lost a loved one due to a horrific rampage such as a school shooting deserve better treatment. We must have better safety measures and safety nets in place in our schools and universities. as these tragedies are preventable in many instances.

Didn’t we learn any lessons after the Columbine tragedy and Virginia Tech shootings? Are our school systems today really doing enough in terms of crisis teams and managing the communications between police and other trained emergency workers? Parents and school officials together can take greater precautions.

Media communications are key where school safety issues are concerned, especially where written or verbal threats of violence are documented on social media websites like Facebook. Since, 1966, school shootings have been chronicled and crime victims are entitled to seek justice whenever possible.

Crime victim attorneys at Gerson and Schwartz, PA have years of experience assisting victims and their families in cases involving wrongful deaths due the negligent security at institutions such as schools, shopping centers, clubs, restaurants or any other public arena. For more information about matters pertaining to crime victims and their legal rights contact Gerson and Schwartz, PA visit the firms website at http://www.InjuryAttorneyFla.com