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2 Mar, 2012

Spillage in Pubs and Cafés Spurs Demand for Liquid-Resistant Mobiles


Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, February 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — International research commissioned by P2i, a manufacturer of liquid repellent nano-coating technology, reveals demand for mobile devices to be water-resistant as standard. The results come as more and more consumers put their phones at risk of moisture and corrosion damage as they go about their day-to-day activities.

The research found that many people keep their mobile phones with them for the majority of their average day, whatever they intend to do. The Spanish and British are more likely to take their mobile phones to a pub or café (88 per cent and 85 per cent respectively) than the French (67 per cent), Germans (60 per cent) or Americans (56 per cent) – although it was Americans (12 per cent) who were most likely to spill alcohol on their phones.

Water came top on the spillage stakes with an average 30 per cent of respondents having spilt it on their mobile phone, followed by coffee (13 per cent) and tea (8 per cent) in second and third places. Surprisingly, men were more likely to have spilled coffee on their phone than women (16 per cent and 11 per cent respectively).

Commenting on the survey results, Dr. Stephen Coulson, CTO, P2i says: “Mobile phones are not just susceptible to accidental spillages in pubs or cafes. Reflecting the increasing role that they play in our lives, this survey also found that on average phones are taken out in the rain (64 per cent); in the snow (59 per cent) and even into the shower (8 per cent) and sauna (3 per cent) – all posing a risk of the phone being exposed to moisture which can cause long term damage. There is a very real demand for these devices to be able to keep up with thriving lifestyles. Phones are no longer left on the desk in the office but now accompany us everywhere we go.”

When it comes to exposing a mobile device to the outdoor elements such as sand and sea, the Spanish (77 per cent) and the French (72 per cent) are the most likely to take their phones to the beach. Only 47 per cent of respondents from the USA take their phones with them to sit beside the sea.

Dr. Coulson adds, “It’s no surprise that on average over half of all of those questioned (51 per cent) expect water protection to be included as standard when buying a mobile phone. Without it, users not only need to avoid liquid coming into contact with their phones but have to consider the ‘hidden’ risk of moisture that can cause corrosion, damaging the phone, its components and, often more importantly, the content and data stored on it.”

When asked what applications they would miss the most if their phone stopped working, the UK is clearly a nation of text fanatics, with 63 per cent of respondents citing text messaging over any other function. The findings from the other nations showed that the ability to phone people would be missed the most.