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2 Mar, 2012

Facebook, Google “Wild West of Data Theft”


Pembroke Pines, FL (PRWEB) March 02, 2012 — Calling Facebook just another data collector disguised as a friendly social network, the newly minted Privacy Mom and head of UmeNow, Evelyn Castillo-Bach, will speak to a radio audience of baby boomers today.

“I am thrilled that an independent outlet like The Boomer and The Babe Network is eager to inform its influential audience of baby boomers about the true nature of public social networks like Facebook and Google. It’s the wild west of data theft. We have no laws to protect the American consumer from the most massive invasion and extraction of personal data in history. Companies posing as social networks, apps, and games are making billions by taking, without consent, every piece of personal information imaginable. Facebook is just another data collector disguised as a friendly social network,” said Castillo-Bach.

Privacy Mom is making waves by publicly stating that tracking people online is an unethical business practice. “Ethical entrepreneurs, developers and hackers have a responsibility to expose the unethical business practices of tracking and data mining. We should defend the privacy rights of the American consumer whose most personal and private information is mined like gold for profit by advertisers and social networks like Facebook,” explains Castillo-Bach.

In the About Us section of UmeNow, it states: “We believe that public social networks expose everyone to an unacceptable level of risk.” Castillo-Bach, who is also the founder of Collegiate Nation, warned college students about tracking that targets them during a television interview in Miami.

UmeNow claims to be the only social network that has banned all tracking and all ads. It recently changed its platform to allow anyone to join for free. Previously, free membership was limited to 30 days. Now, free membership has no time limit. UmeNow’s 2-tier membership structure promises the same privacy protection to its free members. Premium level members who subscribe for $6.00/ month have access to all site areas. UmeNow is a private not public social network. Membership is by invitation only. However, during its current beta phase membership is open.

Evelyn Castillo-Bach is the founder of UmeNow and Collegiate Nation. UmeNow entered into its silent launch in July 2011. Collegiate Nation–known as GoCNCN.com– is the first and only private network exclusively for college students. Both UmeNow and Collegiate Nation are known for fiercely protecting the privacy rights of its members. All ads, third party apps and games are banned because they are back doors to tracking and extracting private information.