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27 Feb, 2012

3 Important Tips For Selecting A PR Agency, And Avoid Over-Paying


Basingstoke, UK (PRWEB UK) 25 February 2012 – PR agencies around the UK all have different fees, some work on small retainers and some top PR agencies in London have very high fees; but does paying more for PR mean better media coverage?

Marketing Quotes looks into why PR agencies all have different rates and offers 3 important tips to ensure that the right PR company is found without the risk of overspending. Marketing Quotes is a free service to help UK businesses to get free advice and quotes from local PR companies.

There are no standard rates for PR, all agencies set their own rates based on their business costs and profit margins.

Marketing Quotes points out that PR agencies are private businesses, profit making companies that aim to grow their businesses from the fees they charge. All PR agencies have staff that need paid, need cars, houses, holidays and these are all paid for from client fees.

Top PR firms in London will have the highest overheads, staff cost more, offices cost more, running costs are higher and this will need to be covered by higher costs. Freelance PR consultants that work from home can charge less for their time as they do not have the overheads that larger agencies in expensive offices would have.

However the question any UK business will have is about quality, does paying the higher fees to the larger PR firm mean better PR coverage; or would the same results be gained from using a freelancer?

Marketing Quotes feels that by using an experienced PR source (freelancer or agency) that has a track record of success should give the best chance of return. Top end fees do no mean top results, indeed the PR contact with the right contacts (regional press or international) is needed, but paying more does not influence results.

There is the myth in the world that you do get what you pay for; however this is not always the case; PR is about finding the right agency, with the right experience and a good track record. It could be a freelancer working from home could get better results than a top end PR firm in London, just depends on the campaign objectives.

Marketing Quotes offer three helpful tips to UK businesses that will be helpful in determining which PR agency is the best one to work with.

Tip Number 1/ Choose a PR agency that has industry experience; whether it is medical, IT, eduction, engineering, FMCG, finance or any other business sector. Selecting a PR agency that has worked in the industry should mean quicker results and a quicker return on investment.

Tip Number 2/ Choose a local PR company; a meeting is essential for the agency to get to know the client and the client to get to know the agency. Phone and e-mail are great for clarification but not for communication. A meeting will also allow the chance to talk through industry experience and how successful the PR agency are at getting their clients results.

Tip Number 3/ Compare prices; all PR agencies have different fee structures and these fees do not reflect the results the campaign will generate. Expensive PR agencies are not necessarily better to work with, a freelancer could get just as good results if they have the experience and connections needed.

PR is about relationship, paying an agency higher fees only means that the agency gets more income, not that businesses get better press coverage.