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11 Jan, 2012

Corporate Wellness Coaches See More Opportunities

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRWEB) January 08, 2012  – When it comes to corporate wellness trends in 2012, more is more, according to experts at the Spencer Institute: more education, more coaching, more corporate clients and more grassroots efforts.

Wellness coaches and experts have learned that they often need more certification and education to land their dream job in a field such as corporate wellness,” said Mark Teahan, director of the Spencer Institute. “They also understand that success entails the right combination of wellness focus and business skills related to coaching, so wellness coaches are savvier than ever when it comes to working in the corporate world. In 2012, we expect to see corporate wellness programs continue to grow and evolve.”

In particular, Teahan and others predict the following corporate wellness trends for 2012:

  • More group coaching in corporate settings, which are both efficient and effective;
  • More education and greater levels of specialization for coaches in the corporate wellness world (a top trend for the past five years);
  • More grassroots efforts where corporate wellness coaches work collaboratively in small groups that allow for some face-to-face interaction, still the preferred way to promote behavior change in clients wishing to improve their overall health and wellness;
  • More online Health Risk Assessments or HRAs, which allow for a more accurate assessment of a group’s overall health picture in a short period of time;
  • More mobile coaching that takes advantage of new technologies and provides coaches and clients with more options and flexibility;
  • More employee committees that focus on wellness issues;
  • More focus from employers on finding unique ways to fund corporate wellness programs and drive higher engagement with visible support and rewards for participation.

“Corporate wellness coaches are experts at helping companies break down costs and find funds when there is a need, so we’re pleased to hear that more companies are making this a priority for the upcoming year,” Teahan added.

About the Spencer Institute, please visit http://spencerinstitute.com/.