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2 Jan, 2012

Bad Economy Makes Men Mask-Up to Avoid Getting Laid Off

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) December 29, 2011 — American business executives with that certain distinguished look of fine aging are increasingly turning to anti-aging masks to turn back the hands of time. The findings were derived from six months of sales trends and customer surveys monitored by Liberty Health Network, LLC.

“Fear of being replaced by younger workers runs deep,” reports Liberty Health Network, LLC. Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly. He went on to say: “Apparently, looking distinguished is losing out to looking younger in many executives. A year ago, virtually no sales of our Non Surgical Face Lift Mask were attributed to male purchasers. As we close out the fourth quarter, early estimates are that Men accounted for nearly 25% of our Face Lift Mask sales.”

According to the company, random customer surveys show that while Women purchase the Non Surgical Face Lift Mask to look better for social reasons, Men are concerned about looking younger for a more utilitarian reason – employment.

Further info: http://www.libertyhealthbiz.com/