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6 Dec, 2011

Ex-Chairman of Congressional Terrorism Panel Urges Senate to Defend Constitutional Liberties

Alexandria, Virginia (PRWEB) December 01, 2011 — Today, James S. Gilmore III, former Chairman of the Congressional Advisory Panel to Assess the Domestic Response Capabilities involving Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction (http://www.usasecure.org/resources-industry.php), denounced the provisions of the Defense Authorization Bill that would enable the U.S. Military to detain individuals suspected of terrorist activities inside the United States.

“The provisions of this Bill undermine the basic safeguards that we enjoy as Americans. It is dangerous, and should not be supported by anyone: Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, citizen or non-citizen. Any member of Congress voting for this bill should be defeated at the next election,” Gilmore said.

The Congressional Advisory Panel met for five years 1999-2003. It submitted five annual reports to the Congress. Among its members was Ray Downey, Fire Chief for New York who was killed in the line of duty at the World Trade Center attack on 9-11.

The Panel considered the potential misuse of the military in the homeland as one of the five most significant issues facing the nation during the tense time following the 9-11 attack, and offered significant proposals to ensure that any use of the military for terrorist attack response would be only in support of civil authorities, operating under the full protections of the law.

The provisions allowing for military detention in the American homeland is being offered by Senator John McCain, who rebutted today the opposition of Senator Rand Paul, implying that Senator Paul didn’t understand the dangers of terrorism to the United States.

In response Gilmore said: “I chaired the national commission on Terrorism for the Congress for five years. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army intelligence corps. I was Governor of Virginia during the 9-11 attack when my state was directly attacked at the Pentagon. I can assure Senator McCain that I understand the danger that the terrorist threat causes America. This ill-considered bill is one of those dangers to our liberties by an unwise extension of military power in the homeland contrary to all law, precedent, and history.”