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15 Nov, 2011

American? Step aside – Hindustan Times

In our khichdi mix of a feudal culture and modernity, we usually deem the act of frisking to be insulting for the person being searched. True, the chance of a VIP having nefarious plans and walking into the immigration line in any Indian airport is extremely slim. But someone with a nefarious plan looking like a VIP could easily crack the system. Which is why even as we are glad that the Americans apologised for what was done to Mr Kalam in New York, we suggest that our airport personnel start returning the gesture and begin frisking in earnest those whom they deem to be suspicious, regardless of whether they are VIPs or look-like VIPs. We could start by frisking loud American tourists. They always look terribly suspect to most of us anyway. We can apologise later if someone cooks up a fuss.

via American? Step aside – Hindustan Times.