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27 Sep, 2011

Rules for a new world order – chinadaily.com.cn

the nature of the international system today is vastly different from what it was in the aftermath of the Cold War. China, India, Brazil, South Africa and other countries whose strong growth rates, sweeping internal economic transformations and considerable impact on global trade have elevated them as “emerging powers” have breached the walls of this system, turning it into an (imbalanced) “asymmetric, multipolar” one.

Since some of the old asymmetries persist, the emerging powers now demand a greater say in global economic and financial decisions. Looking for recognition of their own increased influence on such decisions, they are in fact seeking the definition of a new structure and a new balance of power. In other words, they are demanding the reformulation of the international system and the birth of a new one.

This raises two questions for us. First, what role will the “emerging powers” play in adapting the global balance to the new reality? Second, what will the resulting “new world” look like?

via Rules for a new world order|Op-Ed Contributors|chinadaily.com.cn.