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13 Sep, 2011

No end in sight 10 years on — chinadaily.com.cn

The War on Terror has lasted longer than World War I and World War II and terrorism still has not been completely eradicated despite the combined might of the US’ hard and soft power. Al-Qaida has not been destroyed and has indeed spread to more regions in the world, such as Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. New terrorism masterminds are constantly emerging. They wage “brain wars” with modern communication methods to cultivate “Trojan horses” inside Western countries.

The US might appear to have gained an advantage over the terrorists, but actually there is now a deadlock.

The US’ overall anti-terrorism target is to eliminate both the terrorists and the wellspring of terrorism, which it has found hard to achieve. The culture of terrorism that is hostile to the West originates from the poor and backward Islamic regions. The US government reiterates that the anti-terrorism war is not cultural conflict and makes efforts to help regions that suffer from terrorism attacks develop democracy and livelihoods. But the task is too difficult for the US, which still adheres to its tradition of hegemony.

via No end in sight 10 years on|Op-Ed Contributors|chinadaily.com.cn.