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27 Sep, 2011

Disturbing, dangerous week at the UN | Jordan Times

With the US having lost its ability to lead and the Palestinian petition still to be considered, diplomats began scrambling to find a way forward. What followed was as pathetic as it was ironic.

At stake was an effort to help the US avoid vetoing the Palestinian submission – since it was feared that a veto would provoke an angry anti-American response in the Arab world. And so we were left with the Europeans appealing to the Palestinians to delay a vote in order to save the US from a veto, so that the US could save face and save Israel from a Palestinian state!

Once again, the weakest party was being asked to take the hardest step to save the strongest party from doing what was right – with the result being that Israel emerged isolated, to be sure, but protected and emboldened.

A sad and disquieting end to a most difficult week.

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