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16 Sep, 2011

China’s growth a world opportunity – chinadaily.com.cn

China’s path of development has been widely discussed as the newly emerging economic power has become an important global player and, together with other emerging economies, it is changing the current world political landscape.

Some politicians in foreign countries fear China’s development might become a threat to the world, as it might become “more assertive” and “energy hungry”. Some others argue that a stronger China should “shoulder more responsibilities in world affairs”.

The 13,000-character paper, the second of its kind released within six years, clarifies China’s strategic intentions, showing that the experiences of the past several decades have proved that the strategy of peaceful development is the correct path and there is no reason to deviate from it.

It also said that China does not seek regional hegemony or a sphere of influence, nor does it want to exclude any country from participating in regional cooperation.

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