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25 Aug, 2011

William Pfaff: Victory in Tripoli: They Did It – Truthdig

The beauty and hope of the Arab Awakening movements has been that they have been spontaneous. That makes it impossible for the United States to deal with them impartially. The Europeans can and eventually will, which offers some mitigation of the situation, but at the cost of worsening American-European relations. American relations with new “post-Awakening” Arab governments will grow worse, assuming that these are more or less representative governments.

America is now more hated in Egypt (and in Afghanistan and Pakistan) than ever before. A Palestinian demand next month for full U.N. membership will undoubtedly worsen the situation, since Washington may be expected unconditionally to oppose this initiative. The outcome could be still more violence and hatred. The United States has—tragically—made itself the enemy of the Muslim world, and it is impossible to see how this can change, other than for the worse.

via William Pfaff: Victory in Tripoli: They Did It – Truthdig.