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28 Aug, 2011

US should weigh up one vital change – chinadaily.com.cn

What do the United States, Liberia and Myanmar have in common?

Answer: They are the only three countries which have not officially adopted the metric system.

What about the US and Belize? They are the only two nations that use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius to measure temperature.

A daily hassle for an expat living and working in the US is dealing with the non-metric weight and measurement units, from foot, inch, yard, pound and ounce to gallon, quart, pint and Fahrenheit.

Watching the weather forecast in Fahrenheit only gives me a vague sense of how hot it is going to be. I’m not sure how much cheaper gas is in the US, since it is sold by the gallon, not the liter.

via US should weigh up one vital change|Chen Weihua|chinadaily.com.cn.