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28 Aug, 2011

No security for Israel without accommodating neighbours | Jordan Times

With the Arab Spring of protest reaching Israeli shores, and with several political parties rallying against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there emerges a surrealist scene in the way Israel is conducting itself.

Backed by one of the strongest military powers in the world – including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons – and allied with the world’s sole superpower, Israel believes itself immune to accountability for its gross violations of international law and conventions.

Over the last 60 years, it killed tens of thousands of Palestinians and other Arabs, and made hundreds of thousands of refugees – their number now totals more than four million. It is occupying Arab territory seized through the use of military force and does not care to abide by the conventions relevant to foreign military occupation. It adamantly refuses to end this occupation through acceptance of international legitimacy as the basis for peace agreements with the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese that could ensure security for its people.

via No security for Israel without accommodating neighbours | Jordan Times.