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28 Aug, 2011

8 Ways Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Show More Leadership Than Our “Leaders” – AlterNet

During Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s tenure spoofing news and politics from Comedy Central (for 12 and six years, respectively), they’ve evolved into two of the most truthful, if sarcastic, journalists on television. But in recent months, they’ve graduated from their media posts and started doing what we want our lawmakers to do—speak honestly, directly and straightforwardly about the most important issues of the day without any vested (or monetary) interests.

Last week, the Nation’s Leslie Savan wrote a post titled “Jon Stewart Does Obama’s Job for Him.” The post called attention to a characteristically incisive and sarcastic Stewart speech about the right’s “Class War” freakout over Warren Buffett: Savan’s broader point was that Stewart’s messaging is at this point far more effective than the president’s. Frankly, if Obama sincerely wants to make things better for the American people while combating the lies the GOP perpetuates, he could take a cue from Jon Stewart, who delivered some of the most difficult and least-reported facts about US income inequality and taxes on the rich in a neat, easy-to-digest package.

8 Ways Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Show More Leadership Than Our “Leaders” — AlterNet.