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3 Feb, 2011

A Website That Will Change The Way The Industry Thinks

This website is designed to change the way the travel & tourism industry thinks.

It contains a treasure trove of information, insights and intelligence dating back to the 1990s, arguably the most tumultuous period in the history of travel and tourism. The content ranges from the impact of “war on terror” to the downside of globalisation, from the geopolitical consequences of regime change to the environmental consequences of climate change, from changes in information technology to the accessibility and travel rights of the physically-challenged.

The depth and breadth of issues covered is unmatched in the history of travel & tourism media. Visitors to this unique website will find:

  • Travel Impact Newswire dispatches from the very inception of this unique email newsletter in August 1998 (click here);
  • Travel Monitor, a weekly column published every Monday in the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s leading English-language daily newspaper, since the late 1980s (click here); and
  • Back editions of PATA’s Issues & Trends when the formerly monthly publication of PATA’s Strategic Intelligence Centre was edited, researched and written by Imtiaz Muqbil, the publication’s first Asian editor (click here).

Only an initial batch of about 500 reports and stories have been uploaded so far. Another 2,000 or so are yet to follow. Live updates with topical reports, analysis and stories will begin in due course.

As a New World Order dawns, it is apparent the world at large — and the travel & tourism sector in particular — shows little inclination to learn from the lessons of history. This website will help change that mindset. Those who claim to lead the industry need to look more carefully at the past before planning for the future.

The website is designed to be a) simple and easy to use; 2) rich in quality content; and 3) totally devoid  of mindless clutter and boring media releases. It will neither insult readers’ intelligence nor waste their time. The entire knowledge-base is available free for the benefit of:

  • Travel and tourism industry students and academics worldwide — to facilitate their research efforts in building a stronger and more sustainable industry.
  • Policy-makers, government officials and politicians — to help them better understand how the travel & tourism industry has evolved, and the mistakes it has made along the way.
  • Investors, businesspersons and private sector executives – to help them develop better quality of products and services that will raise corporate profitability, and attract new talent.

Readers are free to use, quote and source the material, provided they credit Travel Impact Newswire. Cross-links with other websites are welcome on a case-by-case basis.

Ever since its inception, Travel Impact Newswire has sought to present alternative perspectives, challenge conventional wisdoms and raise awkward questions. The newsletter has broken new ground in travel & tourism journalism in an age when the vast majority of travel media, under pressure from advertisers, often steers clear of controversies and sensitivities.

This role will continue in future via this website. The email-delivered newsletter will continue but assume a different role.

Many thanks to the advertisers who have supported the newsletter over the years in both cash and kind.

Potential advertisers on this Travel Impact Newswire website are welcome.

To keep the website free of clutter, and ensure maximum visibility for all the exhibiting products and services, only a small group of advertisers will be accepted. Preference will be given to those using it to publicise social responsibility activities and projects that help meet the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

Interested advertisers can contact Imtiaz Muqbil at this email address: imtiaz@travel-impact-newswire.com.

Feedback and suggestions for further improvements of this website are welcome.

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