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Archive for July, 2005

25 Jul, 2005

TAT Faces Post-Tsunami Marketing Challenge

The Thai tourism industry is now dealing with an unprecedented marketing challenge – how to change the ‘mood’ of prospective visitors in order to overcome both the lingering effects of the force majeure tsunami as well as the ongoing negative publicity caused by man-made terrorism. The annual marketing meeting of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, […]


24 Jul, 2005

Wag The Dog Distractions: The Oldest Trick in the Book

Originally Published: 24 Jul 2005 “Soul-searching” of June 12 ended with this comment: “Today, ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ is on the wane. The real ‘Operation Infinite Justice’ has just begun. What’s likely to happen next? See the movie, ‘Wag the Dog’.” “Wag the Dog” is a Robert de Niro movie about a political distraction created by […]


18 Jul, 2005

Backlash Against Double-Standard UK Travel Advisories

The comment made by British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he knew of no specific intelligence that could have prevented the July 7 bombings in London has sparked outrage in Asia-Pacific travel industry about the double standards in issuing travel advisories against developing countries. Mr Blair told the House of Commons on 11 July 2005: […]


11 Jul, 2005

Who Is Really Terrorising Tourism? Watchdog Group Asks

BANGALORE: While the world was preoccupied last week with the London bombings, a group of vocal non-governmental organisations in India last week warned that they do not intend to lose sight of a parallel form of terrorism taking place right through the Asia-Pacific region. Although the NGOs were focussed on Indian issues, they warned that […]


4 Jul, 2005

No Use if Australia is “Loved” But Not “Visited,” Corporate Plan Says

PERTH: Released here last week, the 2006/08 corporate plan of the Australian national tourism organisation, Tourism Australia, contains a noteworthy comment: “Destination awareness is not destination demand – just because we’re loved doesn’t mean we’re visited.” In other words, the Australian ‘brand’ may elicit a generally positive feel among global travellers, thanks to the country’s […]