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Archive for January, 2004

29 Jan, 2004

World Social Forum 2004 Report 3: The Future Of Food And Water

Do you know that more money is spent annually in Europe and the USA on dog and cat food than would be needed to provide access to clean drinking water for all humanity?


28 Jan, 2004

World Social Forum 2004 Report 2: Feeding The Hand That Bites It

Concern is rising about the consolidation of global media in the hands of a small group of conglomerates. This is unhealthy for global democracy as well as for the travel & tourism industry, which can play a major role in supporting the independent media that is struggling to emerge.


27 Jan, 2004

World Social Forum 2004 Report 1: Tourism Civil Society On The Move

Is globalisation really “irreversible”? Not quite. Nobel prize winners Shirin Ebadi and Joseph Stiglitz are among the thousands who believe that globalisation needs some surgery and that “Another World is Possible.”


14 Jan, 2004

World Economic Forum vs World Social Forum: Two Worlds, Two Ways

Both the World Economic Forum and World Social Forum convened for their annual pow-wows in January 2004. The outcomes of both events will have a major impact on the future of travel & tourism.


12 Jan, 2004

Buddhist Circuit On The Rise

The Buddhist pilgrimage circuit, one of the world’s most promising itineraries, is one of two priority themes under a tourism plan to be developed for Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.


9 Jan, 2004

WEF Global Survey Shows People Feel “Unsafe, Powerless And Gloomy”

A survey representing the thoughts of more than one billion people has found that half those questioned think global security is “poor” and that the next generation will live in a less safe world.


6 Jan, 2004

Asia Seeks Stable And Equitable Growth

The events of the past few years have shown how vulnerable the economies of the Asia-Pacific countries are to so-called ‘external shocks.’ A United Nations Bulletin on Asia-Pacific Perspectives says it is time to seek “stable and equitable’ growth.”