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5 Sep, 2011

The Axis of Evil – 10 years on | DAWN.COM

It’s nearly a decade since President Bush first used the term Axis of Evil to describe Iran, Iraq and North Korea. So widely reported, it provoked a flurry of other axes. A couple of months later, US diplomat, John Bolton tagged on Libya, Syria and Cuba to the mix in his “Beyond the Axis of Evil” speech. It took a few more years for Condoleezza Rice to further embellish the list with her own self styled Outposts of Tyranny; identifying Cuba, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea and Mynmar as culprits.

Tyranny and evil are perhaps not the most sophisticated diplomatic language. I couldn’t help wondering how these terrible countries had faired in US relations over the past decade, and where the rhetoric of “evil” has lead us.

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