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Archive for December, 2005

26 Dec, 2005

NGOs Warn of Downside of Liberalisation on Tourism, SMEs

Small and medium sized enterprises as well as independent hotels and tour operators in Thailand and other developing countries can expect to face more competitive pressure from global multinationals as a result of the World Trade Organization talks in Hong Kong last week. While timelines for the removal of European agricultural subsidies are pushed back […]


25 Dec, 2005

Over the festive season, ponder the difference between water and oil

Originally Published: 25 December 2005 My previous column ended by volunteering a forecast on what will happen next on the global stage. So, here goes. Economic law says that whenever a commodity faces a shortage, its price goes up. Look around and see what’s in short supply these days – and try looking beyond mere […]


19 Dec, 2005

Chinese Outbound Hit by Scams, Growing Pains

China’s outbound travel is booming but industry officials are still struggling to cope with some of its negative operational and administrative side-effects, an outbound travel seminar in Beijing was told last week. Yu Chang Jiang, Director, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Tourism, indicated that the country still considered Thailand to be the origin of one its […]


16 Dec, 2005

Acts of God Show the Wrath of God

Originally Published: 16 Oct 2005 Mahatma Gandhi said: “Every affliction has its own rich lesson to teach, if we would learn it.” Since December 26, the day of the devastating tsunami tragedy, the world has seen a number of so-called “natural disasters” that have afflicted hundreds of thousands of people of all castes, colours and […]


12 Dec, 2005

How Being Part of a Beer Empire Can Help a Start-up Airline

KUALA LUMPUR: Thailand’s PBAir and India’s Kingfisher airlines are both offshoots of their countries’ respective beer conglomerates. But while PBAir acquired the personal initials of the company’s founder, the Indian start-up airline assumed the well-established brand of the beer – and is capitalising big-time on its huge market value. The brand and the huge marketing […]


12 Dec, 2005

Early Warning Against The Liberalisation ‘Tsunami’

When Executive Director of the Hong Kong Hotels Association James Lu spoke at the October 2005 summit of the Institute of Peace Through Tourism in Pattaya, he referred to the anti-globalisation protestors in Hong Kong this week as being “armed thugs.”


2 Dec, 2005

Caring For People With Disabilities

December 2 is the annual observance of United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons. The travel & tourism industry is beginning to focus on people with disabilities (PwDs) both as guests as well as employees.