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Archive for August, 2005

29 Aug, 2005

Nepal Tries Rebranding, Shifts Marketing Focus to Asia

KATHMANDU – Facing the fallout from the negative publicity and travel advisories generated by a nagging Maoist insurgency, Nepal is reorienting its marketing strategies towards South and Southeast Asia, with Thailand being a primary target. An Indian company, Alchemy Social Infrastructure, has been hired to carry out a US$ 50,000 rebranding exercise that will be […]


25 Aug, 2005

Asians, Americans Have Different World View

Chinese and American people see the world differently – literally. While Americans focus on the central objects of photographs, Chinese individuals pay more attention to the image as a whole, according to psychologists at the University of Michigan.


22 Aug, 2005

NGOs Query Whether Post-Tsunami Rebuilding Has Been Sustainable

As the first anniversary of the tsunami nears, the Asia-Pacific travel and tourism industry will be judging the success of its recovery efforts by the number of visitors streaming back to the affected destinations. But a group of Asian and European non-governmental organisations last week put out a statement saying that they will be also […]


15 Aug, 2005

Firing of Thai Airways Boss Will Change Nothing

Of the many reasons cited for stripping the management powers of Kanok Abhiradee as president of Thai Airways International, the poor financial results of third quarter 2005 is certainly not the main one. Ensuring survival in one of Thailand’s most thankless jobs is not just about what you know but whom you know or perhaps […]


8 Aug, 2005

NGOs Protest Phuket-Andamans Twinning Agreement

A group of vocal Indian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have sent a strong letter of protest to Indian Congress party leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi over the agreement to twin Phuket with the Andamans. The letter, which addresses “the inappropriate choice of Phuket as model of tourism for the Andaman Islands”, may further cloud the Thai tourism […]


7 Aug, 2005

Vatican Shows Islamic World Where & How to Draw The Line

Originally Published: 07 Aug 2005 If the leaders of the Islamic world have been waiting for someone to show them where to draw the line in terms of how far they can be pushed around, the Vatican has just led the way. On July 29, the leaders of the world’s more than one billion Catholics […]


1 Aug, 2005

New Thai Airways Flights to Jo’burg Will Spur Asia-Africa Links

The launch of Thai Airways International’s flights to Johannesburg on December 3, 2005 will further boost the role of Bangkok as an Asian hub for contacts with Africa, set to be a major growth area of the future. THAI will be using its long-range A340-600 operating three flights a week under a code-share with South […]