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Archive for November, 2003

28 Nov, 2003

Star-Power Strikes At WTM 2003

Hollywood actor Michael Douglas turned up at the WTM 2003 to promote the Balearics, where he has a mansion. That was only the tip of a mountain of marketing efforts being made by destinations to build on star-power.


26 Nov, 2003

WTM 2003 Dispatch 6: MICE Events – A Twist In The Trends

While the impact of economic and technological issues on the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) industry has been well-documented, new research is examining the cultural and social impact of changing consumer lifestyles.


25 Nov, 2003

WTM 2003 Dispatch 5: In Pursuit Of Interactive Travellers

Buried deep in Tourism New Zealand’s media kit at the WTM 2003 was this research study on Interactive Travellers, the people considered most likely to visit a country located at the far end of the travel chain.


24 Nov, 2003

Asian Highway Pact Cleared, Set to Transform Asia’s Road Network

After years of arduous negotiations, representatives of 32 Asia-Pacific countries last week adopted an agreement that sets out the minimum terms, conditions and standards for joining, coordinating and developing the vast, 140,000-kilometre Asian Highway network. Due to be signed at the 60th ministerial session of UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific in April 2004, […]


20 Nov, 2003

WTM 2003 Dispatch 3: Global Travel Market Report

A compilation of key trends and conclusions reached at the World Travel Monitor Forum, organised by the consulting group IPK International in San Giuliano Terme near Pisa from 29 October through 1 November 2003


19 Nov, 2003

Future Trends In Tourism

The European Travel Commission compiled this list of trends as a draft document for circulation to its members for comment. It was made available to Travel Impact Newswire at the WTM 2003 Forecast Forum. Reproduced with permission.


18 Nov, 2003

As Wars Rage, Walls Re-Emerge

Barriers to travel, widely thought to be falling precipitously in the last decade of the 20th century, are re-emerging in the first decade of the 21st century. The travel & tourism industry has no clue what to do about it.


17 Nov, 2003

Global Shifts, Lifestyle Changes Affecting MICE Sector

Global geopolitics, economic factors, demographic trends as well as lifestyle changes are having a major impact on the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) industry, according to a research report. The report, prepared for the EIBTM, an annual European trade show featuring the MICE industry, says the impact is being felt across the board, from […]


6 Nov, 2003

Sleeping Giant, But Not For Long

While China is seen as the “awakening giant” in terms of travel industry development, India is seen as the “sleeping giant”. But Indian hoteliers said their giant isn’t going to be asleep for much longer.


4 Nov, 2003

Asia-Pacific Hoteliers Optimistic But Cautious

About 300 of the Asia-Pacific region’s seniormost hoteliers and dealmakers wrapped up a major conference in Hong Kong last month, expressing optimism about future investment prospects but a lot of caution about the extreme volatility of cash flows due to recurring crises.


3 Nov, 2003

“Time for Assessment of Security Costs Facing Travel Industry”

The chairman of the Canadian Tourist Commission says it is about time global travel industry associations to start doing some serious calculations about how much upgrading security is going to cost the industry, and the impact it could have on profitability and travel patterns. In an interview last week, Mr. Doug Fyfe said it was […]


2 Nov, 2003

Mahathir’s Assessment Can Be Denounced, but Not Denied

Originally Published: 2 Nov 2003 The most noticeable aspect of the so-called “anti-Semitic” attack by the then Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad at the Organisation of Islamic conference in Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago is that it has been denounced, but not denied. The reason is simple: It cannot be. Like the fundamentalist mullahs who […]