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Archive for December, 1999

26 Dec, 1999

When Will Humanity Heed the Unseen Signs That Abound On the Road to Spirituality?

Originally Published: 26 Dec 1999 As the world stands poised on the threshold of a new millennium, numerous publications have paid tribute to the growth of human knowledge that has led to extraordinary discoveries in medicine, chemistry, physics and other sciences. But two inventions come closest to resembling the link between humanity and the message […]


12 Dec, 1999

Secrets of Success for Personal and Professional “Partnerships”

Originally Published: 12 Dec 1999 Of all the many social trends taking place in the modern world these days, perhaps the most evident is the rising rate of divorce. A friend of mine sent me some newsclips which reported that 50% of American marriages end in divorce, and many of those that don’t are mere […]