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29 Nov, 2015

The war on terror and the terror of war – DAWN.COM

We live in a world where wars are not fought anymore, but felt. A world where war has seeped into human hearts, silently and sinisterly, manifesting itself through the most trivial of human emotions. We live in a world where the battlefield is not a place anymore, but a condition. A world where the most refreshing air smells of gunpowder, and war hymns can be heard in the most silent of spaces.

If there is a word which has emerged as the most resounding expression of our nascent century, it is ‘terror’. There is an all-encompassing fog of war and terror, swathing not only space but time itself. There is conflict, a never-ending conflict, brewing under everything from emotions to opinions, from feelings to actions.

Source: The war on terror and the terror of war – Blogs – DAWN.COM