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28 Nov, 2015

Lies, Terror and the Drive to War – PravdaReport

It is all about “narratives”, the buzz word coined by US propaganda. The point 0f a narrative is, however, that it needs to be consistent, whether it is a fairy tale or a spinned story. Many official narratives have become unraveled to the point where few people out there still believe them. This is the case with the official narratives on 9/11 and Sandy Hook. The ISIS is now in for the same fate. It has become so fraught with contradictions that cannot be maintained any longer. Just think of it, ISIS is supposed to be everything it is not: based on Islam, popular, independent, and Syrian. Yet it has no Islamic principles, just those of neoliberal predatory capitalism; it is not popular, but relies on terror, blackmail and intimidation; it is not independent because it is an instrument of the US, and it is largely composed of foreign mercenaries, not of Syrian nationals. ISIS receives its weapons from the US (directly and indirectly), gets its money from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, sells its stolen oil to and through Turkey, gets is logistical support from Turkey, its intelligence from the US and its wounded are treated in Israeli hospitals.

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