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20 Jan, 2015

Terror of hypocrisy – Irena Akbar, The Indian Express

Another year. Another cartoon lampooning the Prophet. Another terrorist attack by the “violent” Muslim. And another round of condemnation of the attack by the “moderate” Muslim.

Yes, the “moderate” Muslim has performed her “duty” of condemning the acts of her “violent” co-religionists. She has told her non-Muslim friends and colleagues that she doesn’t support the terrorists who murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. But she has also explained to them that she is deeply offended by the obnoxious cartoons. Depicting the Prophet naked, crouching, with genitals exposed? It’s unfunny, nonsensical and nothing but bigotry hiding behind freedom of expression. It’s not even satire. Satire is meant to convey a message in a funny, irreverent way. But can somebody please explain to the “moderate” Muslim what message such a cartoon is trying to convey? Because satire requires wit and a sense of humour. And she, as a Muslim, lacks both. Even if she is “moderate”.

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