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16 Nov, 2014

The Saffronization of India | Arab News

Muharram has for centuries been one of the most secular events in the subcontinent. Some of the finest lines hailing the sacrifice of Hussain may Allah be pleased with him have been penned by Hindu poets. Back home in Hyderabad, Hindu families turn up in large numbers to watch and take part in the procession, with many of them offering water to the participants.

All that, as with everything else, may be history soon as the saffron brigade goes about painting India in its own, overpowering hue. This year several neighborhoods in Delhi decided to ban Muharram processions. Addressing a grand council mahapanchayat in Bawana, local BJP MLA ruled Muslims were free to “celebrate” Muharram in their homes and ghettos but would face consequences if they dared to come out on the streets.

In full view of massive police presence, speaker after speaker ranted against a terrified minority, accusing it of all the familiar crimes and some more. “In Bawana’s JJ colony, home to the majority of Muslims in the area, residents said they were going to lock themselves inside their homes to avoid any confrontation. “We have decided to stay home for our children’s safety,” said Mohammad Muzir, a resident,” reported the Times of India.

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