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11 Oct, 2014

This terrorism frenzy – Opinion – Ahram Online

Suddenly, everyone is acting like “terrorism” is new. Western media has made a colossal beast out of “ISIL” (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), and drawn a bleak picture of the horrific danger that lies on the doorstep of Western societies due to it and similar counterparts. Arab media, on the other hand — mostly state-owned or financed by state-associated elites — has managed to develop a new repertoire for countering terrorism, one based on nationalistic sentiments, patriotic emotions and military valour.

Several Arab regimes found a gold mine of political legitimacy in countering terrorism, and consequently ensured that the media reflected that. It is true that the threat posed by organisations like ISIL cannot and should not be ignored. But it is also true that most of the efforts exerted in this regard at the moment are empowered by political manipulation and instantaneous narrow interests.

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