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22 Aug, 2012

US conducts experiment on survival on Muslim world – English pravda.ru

It seems that the U.S. is conducting an experiment on survival on the Muslim world, constantly keeping it in a boiling state. First, the collapse of Yugoslavia under the genocide sauce of Bosnian Muslims, then the creation of semi-state entity of Kosovo that has become a nightmare for Europe. The Islamic world has “swallowed” the invasion of Afghanistan although all 19 people involved in the attack on the United States were Arabs, then – to Iraq under a veil of fabricated evidence of the existence of chemical weapons, then – the blatant massacre of Libya.

Israel continues its occupation of Palestinian and other Arab lands, conducts the repressive policies in the West Bank and the brutal siege of Gaza. The failure of the Annan plan in Syria indicates that the United States in any case are not interested in reconciling the parties. None of these issues raised by the President of Iran have been considered at the forum.

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