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10 Aug, 2012

Press Release Makes Clear Who Will Profit from Airport Body Scanners


SAN DIEGO, August 09, 2012 – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Tek84 Engineering Group, LLC, announced today that its new body scanner, model AIT84, has been approved for use in Israeli airports. Following this approval a unit was installed at Ben-Gurion Airport (TLV) for operational pilot tests.

“We have spent two years developing this next-generation product,” said Dr. Steven W. Smith, President of Tek84. “Israel is widely regarded for its no-nonsense approach to security. This exclusive certification demonstrates the breakthrough we have achieved in fighting terrorism.” The ISA testing was conducted over a several month period in Israel, using actual threats to determine detection capabilities.

“AIT84 is the best body scanner available, with advantages for screening needs beyond airport security. This is especially important where the threats are becoming more complex,” commented Oded Gorodetzky, President of GoroSec LTD, Tek84’s Israeli representative.

Editor’s Note: If there was no terrorism, these guys would go broke. So, who’s really behind all the “terrorism”, violence and conflict in the world today? Just follow the money.

Body scanners are used to screen persons entering security-controlled areas, such as airports, military facilities and Government buildings. Approximately 1,800 units are in operation around the world, including 700 deployed in U.S. airports.

Unlike conventional walkthrough archways that only respond to metal, body scanners provide detection of an extremely wide range of threats, including explosives, ceramic knifes, and plastic firearms. In addition to improved detection, Tek84’s new body scanner is only five feet wide, about one-half the width of existing products. This reduced size is crucial for crowded checkpoints and smaller facilities, such as regional airports.

While the Israeli market for body scanners is relatively small, their opinion carries tremendous weight in the security community. Israel has not previously used body scanners in its airports, and critics have argued that this calls into question the technology’s effectiveness. Today’s announcement is not only a validation for Tek84’s product, but for the use of body scanners in general. Testing of the new scanner will begin in the United States, by two different Government agencies, in about six weeks. Tek84 expects the first sales of the product in fourth-quarter 2012.

About Tek84 Engineering Group

Tek84 Engineering Group, LLC, develops and manufactures advanced imaging products for security applications. Founded in 1998 as Spectrum San Diego, the Company has commercialized such products as SentryScope™, the highest resolution CCTV camera in the world; CastScope™, used in U.S. airports to screen passengers with casts and artificial limbs; and CarSCAN™, a drive-through portal for detecting car-bombs, firearms, and stowaways. For more information on Tek84 products and technologies, please visit: www.Tek84.com