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27 Feb, 2012

U.S. Citizens Outbound Travel Totaled 58.5 Million in 2011

U.S. Office of Travel & Tourism Industries

The U.S. Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (OTTI) has released the final figures of outbound travel by US citizens in 2011. Total outbound travel was 58,496,587, comprised of 27,023,008 to overseas destinations and 31,473,579 to Canada and Mexico. Travel to Asia and Europe is up but Africa, Canada and Mexico is down.

Annual Market Share
U.S. travel to overseas (1) markets reached 27.0 million, a 46 percent share of all U.S. outbound international travel. U.S. citizen air traffic totals to the following regions:

  • Europe was 10.8 million visitors, with an 19 percent share;
  • Caribbean was 6.0 million, with an 10 percent share;
  • Asia was 4.1 million, with a seven percent share;
  • Central America was 2.2 million, with a four percent share;
  • South America was 1.7 million, with a three percent share;
  • Middle East was 1.3 million, with a two percent share;
  • Oceania was 505,000, with a one percent share; and
  • Africa was 366,000, with a one percent share.

North American markets received 54 percent of all U.S. international outbound travel.

  • U.S. travel to Mexico was 19.9 million visitors, with a 34 percent share (5.5 million traveled by air); and
  • Canada was 11.6 million, with a 20 percent share (3.5 million traveled by air).

Second Half (July-December) Year-over-Year (2011/2010) Comparisons

U.S. travel to overseas markets was up three percent in the second half of 2011. Regional results were:

  • Europe + 3 percent
  • Caribbean + 2 percent
  • Asia + 5 percent
  • Central America + 7 percent
  • South America down 2 percent
  • Middle East + 7 percent
  • Oceania was flat
  • Africa was down 5 percent

U.S. travel to North American markets was down three percent. Border country results were:

  • Mexico down three percent with the air markets up 1 percent.
  • Canada down 2 percent and the air markets were flat.

Total U.S. outbound travel in December was 5.1 million, up six percent. Travel to Asia and Central America were up 11 percent each. Travel to Mexico and Europe was up 10 percent and six percent, respectively.

For detail information and data tables please visit: http://www.tinet.ita.doc.gov/view/m-2011-O-001/index.html

(1) Overseas markets reflect non-stop air-only data. A portion of the non-stop passenger traffic to i.e., Europe will not visit Europe, but will connect through one of Europe’s airline hubs (LHR, AMS, FRA, CDG, MAD, etc.) to Africa and the Middle East. The adjustment to these regions, reflecting visitation (1+ nights), occurs after year-end data is compiled.

For background information on the restructuring of U.S. international travel data, please link to:

http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/tinews/archive/tinews2011/20110927.html and