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9 Sep, 2011

The unlearnt lessons of 9/11 today – People’s Daily Online

A decade after 9/11, it appears that those sentiments of rage and revenge are the ones that have won out. A quick glance at any newspaper or news website tells you that the level of violence in the world is on the rise, not decreasing.

Certainly, rage is an appropriate emotional response when something as vile and senseless as a mass murder takes place, but as the US has become an increasingly unstable and polarized place in the past 10 years, the results of responding with even more aggression and violence have become clear.

The hateful, bigoted bile that is flung toward innocent people in the Middle East, not to mention toward those Americans who dare to question the root and nature of this violence, is disheartening beyond all measure.

via The unlearnt lessons of 9/11 today – People’s Daily Online.