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28 Aug, 2011

Micro blogs are the voice of the people – chinadaily.com.cn

As the sole ruling party in China, the Communist Party of China (CPC) must listen attentively to the people’s complaints. So micro blogs deserve attention from the authorities.

Long and stable rule is based on constructive interaction between governors and citizens. The longer the rule is, the more carefully the governors should listen to people’s concerns. Its close ties with the masses have been the biggest political advantage of the CPC. Breaking away from the masses is the biggest danger for CPC.

Fast development disturbs many balances. With improvements in their quality of life, people are more concerned with fairness and justice. When some people get rich, society should focus more on the poor. The Party should heed voices from all corners of the society. People’s longings and expectations for a happy life should be heard. The complaints of disadvantaged groups in fierce social and economic competition should be heard. Suggestions on how to make and cut the cake should be heard.

via Micro blogs are the voice of the people|Op-Ed Contributors|chinadaily.com.cn.