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29 Aug, 2016

Stop feeding the news machine – World News Publishing Focus

Newsrooms should stop burdening their resources to provide continuous breaking news updates that the audiences don’t need, Laufer said. “If your house is on fire, you will need to know about it immediately so that you can leave. But if someone else’s house is on fire, and he or she is on another continent an ocean away, you do not need to know about it right away.” There is no point bringing our audience moment-by-moment updates about firefighters and ambulances arriving on the scene, according to Laufer. “Reporting in such incremental fashion only leads to a waste of emotion and creates a sense of constant anxiety in the audience.” It is not news, but superficial, redundant “mindless chatter” that is usually completely unnecessary to our existence, but used to fill up time and space, to grab eyes and keep them there, whether it is on TV, online or other platforms.

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