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23 Nov, 2015

Turn off the TV, Islamic Terrorism is a Fat Lie – Moroccan World News

Rabat – Terrorism is a lie. It simply does not exist and is an example of yet another manufactured word that takes on a meaning far more insidious than the people who supposedly perpetrate the crime. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it or hear it fall, does it make a sound? Terrorism only exists because certain interests want it to exist, or to make a more obvious point, because the mainstream media wants to terrorize the public. Without the mainstream media droning on and on about some event, how would anyone even know about it?

More people were butchered on a campus in Kenya, but the world did not bat an eyelash, yet when white people die, under circumstances which are far from clear, the world stops? Are white lives in France more valuable than the lives of black people in Kenya? If you go by the amount of sympathy and attention given to their deaths, it would seem so… So what is the solution to all of this madness? Well, the solution is rather simple. In fact, the solutions to most problems tend to be simple. Turn off the TV.

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