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30 Nov, 2015

Egyptian writer blasts West’s duplicitous policies on fighting terror

The recent backlash against Egypt in connection with the plane crash has nothing to do with the plane crash and everything to do with international bias and misjudgement. When it comes to fighting terror, international policy is simply duplicitous. It all depends on who is being targeted, and what the outcome is for them.

When Paris is targeted, it is a clear threat to the West. But when Egypt is threatened, the West has to think twice about it. As a result, the international effort to fight terror has been erratic, tainted with the desire to reshape the map of the Middle East, influenced by who is in power and how pliant they are willing to be. Egypt has been on the wrong side of this equation, first by overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood, and then by trying to hold on to its stability amid growing regional turbulence.

In some Western circles, hope persists that the region will acquire a new map, with fewer nation states and more mini-states created along sectarian and ethnic line. This scheme, created with the interests of Israel and Turkey in mind, is still too attractive to abandon. And Egypt, since it rid itself of the Muslim Brotherhood, is not playing along.

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