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27 Oct, 2015

Israeli Mayor: Partners of Rabin’s Assassin Now Rule Israel

Adi Eldar, mayor of the northern Israeli city of Carmiel, has accused senior government officials of cooperation and responsibility in the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. At a ceremony on Sunday marking the 20th anniversary of the assassination, Eldar said that murderer Yigal Amir’s partners are now ruling the country.

“The militant right, this is who pursued Rabin everywhere and incited, who initiated the pulsa denura [mystical Jewish ritual] of curses that he should die. And there was one idiot who carried out the verdict … One, you don’t need many. But you must always remember that with that finger of his that pulled the trigger of the pistol, there were many fingers who are today in power in the State of Israel. We will not try to prettify this,” said Eldar. “They were partners in pulling the trigger [of the gun] that shot Rabin in the back.”

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