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11 Oct, 2015

Forget Hindu, Muslim – Let’s talk state responsibility for the Dadri lynching | The Indian Express

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sweet homily to the nation over the lynching of a Muslim in Dadri amounts to nothing more than preaching to the converted. That too reluctantly so, after 10 days of cajoling from innumerable quarters urging the country’s prime communicator to break his silence, and a day after President Pranab Mukherjee felt compelled to speak up and remind us of our “core civilisational values”. The prime minister has asked Hindus and Muslims to decide whether they want to fight each other or fight poverty together.

We’ve heard that before, haven’t we? Which Muslims and which Hindus could the prime minister possibly have in mind? Fighting Hindus was not on Mohammad Akhlaq’s agenda. Fighting Muslims is far from the concerns of Manoj Sisodia, Akhlaq’s childhood chum, to whom Akhlaq reportedly made his last desperate phone call. Sisodia is said to have immediately called the police. Alas, too late.

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