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12 Oct, 2015

20 Years since the Jewish terrorist assassination of Yitzhak Rabin – Haaretz Bookshelf

For a large segment of the population, Yitzhak Rabin was the man who was selling the country out to the Arabs. Most of his rivals among the Israeli right­wing respected Rabin the soldier, the statesman, while despising his peace policies. A tiny fringe of right-wing religious extremists, however, went further. At protest rallies, they portrayed Rabin on posters with a red-checkered keffiyeh on his head, a subtle insinuation that he was demonically colluding with the Arabs. A month before the peace rally at a protest rally, someone held up a placard with Rabin wearing German SS uniform, suggesting that the prime minister was no better than the Nazis. At these rallies some shouted “Rabin boged”, “Rabin rotzyach”; Rabin is a traitor, and Rabin is a murderer.

Two months before the November peace rally, a rabbi placed a curse on Rabin, calling upon “the ‘angels of destruction’ to kill him.” The curse was due to expire in early November. The leader of Zo Artzeinu, a group of right-wing extremists, said his group held Rabin’s government responsible “for its crimes against security and Judaism.” A Jewish extremist militia calling itself Ayal, the Jewish Fighters Organization, appeared on Israel Television five weeks before the peace rally, woolen masks over their faces, guns in their hands, promising to kill Jews if it would help destroy the peace process.

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