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1 Sep, 2015

Dubai to host 10th World Health Tourism Congress from Sept 6 – 7

Dubai, August 29, 2015, Grand Aurum Marketing media release: Under the patronage of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce (DTCM), and for the second consecutive year, Dubai will host the 10th World Health Tourism Congress (WHTC)  from September 6 to 7 with the support of the Arab Tourism Organization (ATO) and GCC Council of Health Ministers, with the participation of GCC states and over 80 countries from Africa, Asia and Europe.

WHTC will be held at Mohammad Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre in Dubai Health Care City (DHCC). The congress is organized by Grand Aurum Marketing. The congress will host the ministers of Health and Tourism of a vast majority of the Arab countries, and by the end of which “Dubai’s declaration for health tourism development in the region” will be issued.

Furthermore, the organizers declared that participants will be attending from over 80 countries from the Arabian Gulf, Asia, Africa and Europe, namely Italy, Switzerland, India, Thailand, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, and many others.

In his speech, Dr. Bandar Bin Fahd al-Fehaid, President of the ATO, noted that the concept of Health Tourism is perpetuating and becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world; adding that over $100 billion are being spent yearly, among which $27 billion spent by Arabs. Due to the increasing attention paid by governments and key tourism stakeholders, health tourism is witnessing a dramatic transformation in the recent years”.

He added: “Health tourism is an industry that’s vastly developing in the Arab countries due to different factors, mainly the natural resources and the infrastructure found in our countries in addition to our human resources; that’s why we’re competing with several established destinations in Europe and Asia. The future of Health Tourism in the Arab countries promises to be very bright; thus long-term strategies are being stretched in order to develop and to promote this industry and to attract patients from different nationalities”.

Tamer El Chamaa, Director of the Congress, noted that since the event witnessed a huge success last year, it was decided to host it for the second consecutive year in Dubai which is the perfect destination to host such a huge gathering of specialists and stakeholders from several countries.

He added: “As Dubai is aiming on attracting more than 500000 medical tourists by 2020 when hosting the World Expo, efforts are being gathered and plans are being developed to reach such a goal; thus the support and the participation of GCC’s health ministers and the representatives of ATO proves that a major attention is being drawn to health tourism in the GCC and the Arab World”.

On the second day of the Congress, an awarding ceremony will take place, rewarding a number of organizations including hospitals, health insurance providers and medical centers.

For more details and information, kindly visit the website: http://worldhealthtourismcongress.org/dubai/

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