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30 Jun, 2015

They are neither a ‘state’ nor ‘Islamic’: Why we shouldn’t call them Isis, Isil or IS – The Independent

By Rehman Chishti

The shocking attack last week at a peaceful Tunisian tourist resort has shown us once again that terror continues to be a threat.

There is no question that the group behind this attack, which refers to itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) or as “Islamic State” is an evil terror organisation. But I believe that for too long we have allowed them to define themselves as something which they are not, and now we need to change how we label them. This is why I have started a campaign to get the government, the BBC, and other organisations to alter the title that they use.

In the wake of the horrific Tunisian attacks, our resolve to fight terrorism at home and abroad means we should not give credence to the propaganda which is being used to suck more vulnerable, disillusioned and some clearly dangerous individuals to their cause. You may wonder – what’s so important about a name? But names have a significance because their impact, as Professor James Bruning has said, “comes from how people expect to see you.” By referring to them as the ‘Islamic State’ they gain legitimacy where none should exist.

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