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3 Dec, 2014

When cricket bat and beard = “anti-Semitic killer” – DAWN.COM

Even without a concealed cricket bat, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Being bearded and brown in Brussels sets you apart, but not necessarily in a good way.

Assim Abbasi, 22, attracted sudden notoriety when the police in Brussels circulated his photographs that showed him carrying a concealed object. The police believed he was concealing a rifle.

The media soon joined the frenzy and published Mr. Abbasi’s pictures warning the public about an “anti-Semitic killer.”

After seeing his pictures in the newspaper, Mr. Abbasi rushed to the police to clear his name. It was not a weapon he was concealing, but a cricket bat, which he wrapped in a t-shirt to prevent the bat from getting wet in the rain.

Mr. Abbasi became yet another victim of racial profiling.

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