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4 Aug, 2014

10 Most Shameless Ways U.S. Politicians Are Pandering to Israel | Alternet

With each passing day, Israeli military operations perpetrate new horrors in Gaza. One day it is the bombing of Gaza’s main power plant. The next day it is the shelling of a United Nations school that kills 16 civilians who thought they were in a safe place. But the U.S. political class–save for the exceptions of Reps. Keith Ellison and Jim Moran, who have issued calls for cease-fires–doesn’t say a word of protest. In mid-July, the Senate, by a vote of 100-0, passed a resolution supporting the Israeli assault. The bill did not mention Palestinian deaths at all.

Eager for campaign donations from the Israel lobby and wary of provoking controversy, Senators and Congressional representatives have fallen over themselves to support Israel’s attack. Here are 10 of the most shameless statements from politicians, both liberals and conservatives, supporting Israel.

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