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16 Oct, 2013

Shutdown of US govt: Dress rehearsal for privatization of federal state? — RT

The fiscal ceiling having now been reached, possibly with a deadline, the government is being pressured by its Wall Street handlers – who control decision-making in the US Congress – to curtail and downsize social programs, as well as initiate the transfer of public assets and institutions into the hands of private corporations. There is also a movement to cut as well as privatize social security and Medicare.

The privatization of public monuments, museums, national parks, the post office etc. has been raised in recent media reports as a possible ‘solution’ to the debt crisis. But let us not be misled: the process of acquisition of federal public property including infrastructure and state institutions is likely to go much further.

The public sector is up for grabs. Wall Street will eventually go on a buying spree picking up state-owned assets at rock bottom prices.

Ironically, the money transferred by the US government to Wall Street under the bailouts in 2008-2009 can now be used by Wall Street to buy out state property and assets. What this means is that the federal government not only finances its own indebtedness, it is also financing the privatization program (at taxpayers’ expense), leading to the demise of federal government programs.

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