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26 Oct, 2013

32 tips to get your kids back outdoors – theguardian.com

Outdoor games such as den-building and hide-and-seek seem to belong to a bygone era, having been ousted from children’s affections by tablets, games consoles and smartphones. However, a new campaign launched last night is aiming to challenge this trend, and take steps towards “rewilding” our kids. The Wild Network – a newly formed group of 370 organisations across the UK including the National Trust, RSPB, Play England and the NHS Sustainable Development Unit – is calling for parents to swap half an hour of children’s “screen time” for half an hour spent playing outdoors.

The group’s members say this would increase children’s levels of physical activity and alertness as well as improving their general well-being. So we want to know what works for you. What tips do you have for getting children out and into nature? What are your favourite outdoor games or challenges?

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