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2 Jun, 2013

Most Executive Education Programs Are “Rotten, Unusable, Elitist, Soulless Products”


MALAGA, Spain, May 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Lies, cheat, deceit, distortion, games, hype, empty promises, a blind pursuit of profit at any price and a complete neglect of all negative externalities has poisoned the planet and humanity. The destruction of the planet, its ecosystems and the alienation of human’s from their soul and genuine inner human needs and the ongoing exponential increase of pollution, contamination, climate change, poverty, unemployment, social unrest, economic instability as well as regional conflicts and war has taken over.

Leaders around the world have failed. The so-called globalization and ‘Modern Age’ has become the modern form of slavery and those with decision-making power have lost control, leaving the momentum going ahead with full speed towards ‘Armageddon’.

It is not about the ‘last man standing’ anymore. It is about ‘Armageddon or Evolution’. The founder of Schellhammer Education, and author of dozens of pioneering books (English, German) including the recently published bestseller ‘Armageddon or Evolution‘, Prof. Dr. Edward Schellhammer affirms that there are only two options: “Humanity’s leaders take responsibility to manage evolution in a sustainable manner, or the failures and systemic fissures will crush mankind and the planet will degenerate until humanity chokes from no air.”

Global Managers, Leaders, CEOs and Decision-Makers Must Wake Up

The state of humanity and the planet clearly shows: politics has failed, corporations have failed, religions have failed, education has failed and today’s global leaders have lost control. While certain ‘leaders’ and ‘groups’ are labeled as being the “elite coterie of Western thinkers and power-brokers” accused of “fixing the fate of the world behind closed doors” others are left with uncoordinated efforts, a lack of holistic perspective and oblivious to the bigger picture, the core sources and the path to feasible solutions.

As part of its mission, Marbella University unveils a new Executive Program for “executives and leaders from industry, finance, government, politics, education, science and society – including CEOs, aristocrats, leaders, royalty, researchers and other global influencers and decision makers”.

Unique Executive Program Paves the Path

The executive program ‘Management of Global Challenges‘ also available as a full-time Master Program, assures to be a “mind-blowing eye-opener for executives” says the organization’s spokesperson. A no-holds-barred look at the intricacies and network of global challenges as well as their developments over the coming decades and the roadmap to all-encompassing solutions, promises to make the program a “must-attend” for anyone in an executive role or an interest in the future of humanity and the planet.

Schellhammer affirms, “The state of humanity and the planet clearly shows: most education programs are rotten, unusable, elitist, soulless products from archaic times, made by people that don’t understand absolutely anything about human beings or the values of being human!”

Dr. Schellhammer adds: “All solutions to the global problems start with a new, vanguard education, based on a completely new understanding of humans and life: forming the experts and the leaders of today and tomorrow, as well as forming human beings in general.”

For more information on the Executive Programs and Master Programs and the educational mission of Marbella University visit its website at www.marbellauniversity.com.