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13 Apr, 2013

U.S. Companies Report $63 Billion Wasted as “Why Are We Meeting?” Meetings Increase


ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. companies report an increase in wasteful meetings, now costing $63 billion annually.  The average employee is spending 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings (often the result of ineffective brainstorming), while 47% indicate that meetings are the #1 time-waster, leaving everyone asking, “why are we meeting?”…reports a recent e-study by WIQQLE.

WIQQLE is an e-brainstorming technology platform, being launched globally, that harnesses the energy of team-sourced™ brainstorming and divergent thinking.  WIQQLE’s consensus-based model uses five tools to glue multiple insights and ideas into “all-in” team decisions.  WIQQLE shortens meetings by 74% faster, while delivering 54% increased productivity producing aligned decisions, vibrantly productive brainstorming sessions and more insightful focus groups.

Editor’s Note: This media release has been reproduced in full as an indicator of the looming threat to the MICE Sector. Technology companies are stepping up marketing efforts to highlight their products as alternatives to meetings, so that stressed executives can save both time and money as well as the environment. Over time, this will challenge the long-standing view that there is no alternative to personal, face-to-face contact. Alternatives are emerging, and being marketed avidly.

Patricia Caporaso , CEO and Founder of ynSyte™, WIQQLE‘s parent said, “Globally, companies are desperately seeking faster, aligned answers.  WIQQLE accelerates brainstorming because it is democratic fun.  WIQQLE’s ability to safely harness an organization’s divergent thinking and collective intelligence, is breaking new ground.  We’re proud to include WIQQLE into our WIQ Team-Sourcing technology suite.”

  • WIQQLE‘s ‘e-brainstorming’ tool transforms stale brainstorming into explosive exchanges of ideas
  • WIQQLE reimagines market research focus groups.  WIQQLE focus groups mine deeper insights into preferences, choices and decisions, in half the time
  • WIQQLE revalues the outcome of organizational strategic planning by eliminating the five sources of uncertainty, shattering silos and speeding up the process

WIQQLE competes with web-based conferencing which simply makes meetings bigger, not more effective.  WIQQLE not only speeds effective brainstorming, mitigates traditional meeting killers like silos, egos and mistrust and uses the new model of divergent thinking to get everyone-in decisions…WIQQLE puts fun and purpose back into brainstorming meetings.  And that’s the breakthrough,” said Ms. Caporaso.

For more information WIQQLE, including a smartboard video on what the WIQ Team-Sourcing Technology Platform™ does, visit www.gowiq.com