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12 Jan, 2013

Asia Times Online: Jewish Lobby Biggest Obstacle to Iran Deal

The Iran nuclear crisis stands an good chance of de-escalation in 2013 if both sides show the necessary flexibility. Conditions include the US and its allies agreeing to tolerate Iran’s enrichment program at a low ceiling and higher degree of transparency, and Iran consenting to a technical formula regarding its enriched pile of uranium. The latter could mandate inspections, and even a fuel swap, on the condition of a major relaxation of international sanctions.

Nuclear talks can also be telescoped to regional security issues, with the US’s Afghanistan exit strategy standing to benefit greatly from an earnest security dialogue with Tehran and Syria’s crisis on the table.

This is of course an ideal scenario should the White House’s moves prove capable of steering the US’s Middle East policy in the right direction. The largest obstacle is off course Israel, the US’s closest ally in the region.

Israel is inherently opposed to any US-Iran deal that would culminate in the preservation of Iran’s nuclear program intact and, Obama’s biggest challenge in the weeks and months to come is striking a balanced approach that does not antagonize the powerful “Jewish Lobby”.

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